Design of Website

Website design is much more than just the way colors, fonts and elements are arranged on a page; it affects how visitors perceive your brand and your business.

A strong online presence creates trust in your audience. -
Make a lasting first impression.

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Creating Content

Show the world how the magic happens in your business with Simplero information, content and ideas that only you can provide. If you have the content, I have the ability to make Google love you and your Simplero.

Creation of Courses

The most common question asked by my Simplero clients recently is, "How do I set up a course and start offering this?" And that makes sense. More and more people are aware of the importance of diversifying their businesses.

Using Simplero membership site with their pricing it's easy.

Creating Products

Start with an idea - For many, the hardest part of starting any business venture is to take the leap. With there is a very low costs of entering the market - for as little as $123,- You can get started selling a product on your own Simplero page and also give out Simplero coupon codes.

Adding Payment Processors

An online form for payment allows your customers to easily make purchases or pay invoices online on any device and at any time. These forms are typically more limited than a full-scale shopping cart on a website, but are robust enough for lump sum or ongoing customer service payments.

It's easy to Simplero login and get started.



Simplero Shopping Cart

Integrate an e-commerce platform or shopping cart with Simplero

Simplero Shopping Cart offers a simple, minimalist shopping cart for your Simplero site. The plugin integrates seamlessly into any page, post, or sidebar of your Simplero site. It enables you to sell both physical and digital products including audio files, PDFs, photos, videos, and more.

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